(Nancy) Anna J Nennig Davis

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(Nancy) Anna J Nennig
Residing In Fountain, CO USA
Occupation School Bus Driver
Children Daughters
Suretha Nicole Davis 1975
Raegan Worthington 1979
Yes! Attending Reunion

Trenton Whaley 1996
Payton Hardy 2007
Mykensie Dye 2015

Bishop Pipes 1998
Breshae Williams 2004
Chaz Peterson 2015


Divorced Jeremiah (Jerry) Davis in 1978. He had a massive stroke while at work about 12 years ago in Minnasota while living with his girlfriend & their 2 kids. He is currently living in a nursing home.
I worked at St. Therese for 18 years in almost every department. Nursery was the best ever for 7 years. Made some great friends & still keep in touch with several of them.
I moved on to working for Lake County for almost 22 years. First I worked in the County Clerks Office then the Sheriffs Office. I made many more friends there. I left there and decided to do something fun.
Since I love to drive I became a school bus driver. Did that for a year and realized I could finally follow my long time dream of moving to Colorado. Did some investigating on where I wanted to be and 6 months later moved to Fountain. It's a smallish town on the south side of Colorado Springs. Driving the school bus for insurance purposes and to have spending money for riding my motorcycle all over the mountains.

School Story

Not much to say. Some of you know my story about my abusive father. So that's why I ended up quitting school 10 weeks before graduation. So I'm not really in the class of 74 but I went back needing 1/4 credit and took auto tune-up then officially graduated in 78.
I never was great at book work so I only took a years worth of classes at CLC off & on.

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